Discover canyoning in Bali with adventure and spirit

Looking for an adrenaline-pumping adventure in bali? Discover canyoning with adventure and spirit! Experience the island's unspoiled beauty through rappelling, natural slides, jumps, and swimming. Perfect for all skill levels, from beginners to advanced. Ready for an unforgettable outdoor adventure? 

Overview of canyoning experiences with adventure and spirit

Adventure & spirit offers a variety of canyoning trips in bali, suitable for all skill levels. Participants can explore unique and unspoiled canyoning locations, making each trip a distinct adventure. Activities include rappelling down waterfalls, navigating natural slides, jumping into pools, and swimming through serene waters.

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Activities for all skill levels

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced adventurer, the tours are designed to cater to your experience level. Beginners can enjoy less challenging routes, while seasoned enthusiasts can tackle more demanding terrains. Each canyon boasts unique features, from aquatic environments to jungle settings and vertical drops. Click to read more about those activities in this specialised article. 

Immersive wilderness expeditions

For those seeking true wilderness experiences, adventure & spirit organizes trips to remote canyons. These expeditions require specific exploration techniques and equipment, immersing participants in bali's untouched nature.

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Multi-day tours and icopro training

Multi-day canyoning tours offer a blend of adventure and cultural immersion, allowing participants to experience bali's history and traditions. Additionally, icopro training courses are available for both recreational and professional enthusiasts, ensuring safe and enjoyable canyoning experiences.

Multi-day canyoning tours and training courses

Adventure & spirit's multi-day canyoning tours combine thrilling canyoning activities with cultural immersion. Participants explore bali's rich history and traditions, enhancing their adventure with local experiences. These tours traverse picturesque canyons and include activities such as rappelling, sliding, and swimming in serene natural pools.

Icopro training courses

Adventure & spirit offers icopro training courses for both recreational and professional enthusiasts. Recreational courses equip participants with essential skills for safe and enjoyable canyoning. Professional courses focus on achieving high technical levels and developing teaching abilities, allowing graduates to lead tours and train others globally.

Opportunities for high-level certification

Icopro's professional training enables participants to become certified instructors, capable of teaching canyoning worldwide. The courses emphasize advanced technical skills, teaching methodologies, and psychological knowledge, ensuring comprehensive preparation for leading canyoning tours at affiliated icopro centers. This certification opens doors to a global career in canyoning, promoting safe and exhilarating experiences for all participants.

Booking information and safety measures

Booking a canyoning trip with adventure & spirit is straightforward. Choose your preferred canyon, select a date, and indicate the number of participants. Use any available promotional codes for discounts. Prices vary based on activities and additional options like hiring a professional videographer.

Safety measures and certified equipment

Safety is paramount at adventure & spirit. All trips use certified equipment and adhere to stringent safety protocols. Participants receive a thorough briefing and are guided by experienced professionals. Icopro training ensures instructors are well-prepared to handle various scenarios.

Meeting points and logistical information

Participants are picked up from their accommodation and transported to the local base camp. Essentials to bring include swimwear, a change of clothes, and a towel. After the activity, enjoy a delicious local lunch and view photos of your adventure.


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