What’s the Secret to Perfectly Styling a Silk Wrap Dress for an Office Event?

Styling a dress for an office event can be a conundrum for many. But when it comes to a silk wrap dress, the puzzle seems even more intricate. You may wonder, "What’s the secret to perfectly styling a silk wrap dress?". Is it the right pair of shoes, the perfect accessories, or perhaps the way you carry yourself? All these elements contribute to creating the flawless outfit but the key lies in understanding your dress and how it can be styled to flatter your unique personality.

The beauty of a silk wrap dress is its versatility. It can be styled for a casual day at work or glammed up for office parties or events. Its wrap-style makes it universally flattering, highlighting the waist and flowing beautifully over the rest of the body.

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Understanding Your Silk Wrap Dress

Before we dive into the styling tips of a silk wrap dress, let’s understand the essence of this fashion piece. The silk wrap dress is a timeless classic, often associated with the ’70s fashion icon Diane von Fürstenberg. The dress is characterized by a front closure formed by wrapping one side across the other, and knotting the attached ties that wrap around the back at the waist or fastening buttons. This forms a V-shaped neckline and hugs a woman’s curves perfectly.

The silk fabric adds a touch of luxury and elegance to the dress, making it ideal for special occasions. Despite its sophisticated appearance, a silk wrap dress is surprisingly comfortable and breathable.

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How to Choose the Right Silk Wrap Dress

Choosing the right silk wrap dress for you is half the battle won in creating the perfect outfit. When it comes to selecting a silk wrap dress for work, subtlety is key. Opt for dresses in solid colors like black or navy for a more professional look. Stay away from overly bright colors and bold prints that can be distracting in a work environment.

The length of the dress is crucial. A dress that falls just below the knees or a midi length is perfect for maintaining the balance between style and professionalism. Long dresses may drag and become cumbersome during work, and anything too short may not be appropriate for a work setting.

Choose a dress that fits you well. The wrap style should accentuate your waist without being overly tight. The V neckline should not plunge too deep. If you’re not comfortable with the neckline, you can always add a camisole underneath for extra coverage.

Dressing Up Your Silk Wrap Dress

Now that you have chosen your dress, let’s move onto how to dress it up. The secret to perfectly styling your silk wrap dress lies in the accessories and how you pair them with your dress.

A black silk wrap dress, for instance, is a blank canvas. You could wear it with a pair of classic black pumps for a minimalist, chic look. Or, add a pop of color with red or animal print heels.

Layering is another way to add style and depth to your outfit. A blazer is a great choice for adding professionalism to your look. Choose a blazer in a neutral color for a sophisticated look, or add some personality with a patterned or textured blazer.

Jewelry should be elegant and understated. A pair of gold hoop earrings or a delicate pendant can add the perfect finishing touch without overpowering your dress.

The Emirates Arab Wrap Dress Style

Women from the Emirates have a unique way of styling their outfits, combining their Arab heritage with modern fashion trends. Let’s take a few minutes to understand their approach to styling a silk wrap dress.

The Emirates Arab women often pair their silk wrap dresses with an elegant hijab, matching the color of the dress or choosing a contrasting color for a striking look. They also accessorize their outfits with statement jewelry and designer handbags, adding a touch of luxury to their attire.

The key to Emirates Arab style is balancing tradition with modern fashion. Their choices reflect their culture and personality, demonstrating that style is not just about following trends, but also expressing one’s identity.

When it comes to shoes, Arab women often opt for high-heeled sandals or stilettos, complementing the elegance of their silk wrap dress. They are a perfect example of how a wrap dress can be styled uniquely, reflecting individual tastes and cultural influences.

The Wrap Up

Mastering the art of dressing up a silk wrap dress is all about understanding the dress and how it can be adapted to suit your style and the occasion. Whether you are going for a minimalist look or a more elaborate Emirates Arab style, remember the golden rule of fashion – wear your outfit with confidence. In the words of Diane von Fürstenberg herself, "Confidence. If you have it, you can make anything look good."

Pairing Your Silk Wrap Dress with the Right Footwear

The choice of footwear can make or break your look, so it is crucial to pair your silk wrap dress with the right shoes. This could vary depending on the nature of the office event you’re attending. If it’s a formal office meeting, classic pumps or stilettos would be a good choice. For a more casual office event, you might want to consider comfortable yet stylish options like kitten heels or wedge sandals.

The color of your shoes is another key aspect to consider. Nude and black shoes are always safe choices as they blend well with most colors. If you’re wearing a solid-colored dress, you might want to inject some fun into your outfit by going for shoes in a contrasting color or with unique details. For instance, a black wrap dress could be paired with red stilettos for a bold look, or animal print heels for a trendy twist.

It’s also worth noting that footwear can alter the overall vibe of your outfit. For example, pairing a wrap dress with stilettos exudes elegance and sophistication, while teaming it up with flat sandals gives off a laid-back, boho-chic vibe. Hence, always keep in mind the atmosphere and dress code of the office event when choosing your shoes.

Choosing the Ideal Accessories to Complement your Silk Wrap Dress

Accessories have the power to enhance your outfit and help you make a statement. However, when it comes to accessorizing a silk wrap dress, less is indeed more.

Jewelry should be delicate and understated to match the elegance of the dress. You can never go wrong with classic pieces like a pair of diamond studs or a simple gold pendant. If you want to add a touch of sparkle, a thin bracelet or a cocktail ring would be just perfect. Remember, the aim here is to strike a balance and not to overpower the dress with too much bling.

When it comes to handbags, choose one that aligns well with the occasion and your dress. A structured tote bag would be a suitable choice for a day event, while for an evening event, a classy clutch or a small crossbody bag would work well. As with the shoes, the color of the bag can either match your dress or provide a contrast, depending on the look you’re aiming for.

Don’t forget about scarves and belts. A skinny belt can highlight your waist and add more definition to the dress. A silk scarf can be worn around the neck for a chic look or used as a headband for a more bohemian vibe.


Styling a silk wrap dress for an office event doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By understanding the dress and its versatility, choosing the right dress, and pairing it with the right shoes and accessories, you can create a look that’s chic, professional, and uniquely you. Whether you’re going for a minimalist look or embracing the elaborate Emirates Arab style, the key is to wear your outfit with confidence. Remember, in the world of fashion, being comfortable in your own skin is the most stylish thing you can wear. So, the next time you’re planning your outfit for an office event, don’t shy away from the silk wrap dress. With these tips at your disposal, you’re all set to make a lasting impression on your colleagues and superiors.

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