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MyDNS-ng is a follow on project from the MyDNS project developed by Don Moore. The aims of this project are to produce a product that is a fully fledged DNS server supporting a wider range of Resource Records and allowing very large scale services.

MyDNS-ng is currently being developed by Howard Wilkinson of Coherent Technology Ltd. The core of the work is being carried out in 'C' and has been aimed at producing an evolving DNS platform which changes often but produces stable development points so that the code can be deployed for production use as it gains new features.

But since every rose has it's thorns you may find yourself in a situation where you need to contact someone. Below is a list of emails which you might find useful.

The useful emails to know are:

  • (development)
  • (Mailing list for users)
  • SourceForge page about the mailing lists.
  • Alexander Nordlund (webmaster) deep[dot]alexander[at]gmail[dot]com